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FOR SALE- Intake Lift GLARIE German -China( Direct import from China )

18 august 2019, 19:55

New York, Germany Hill

Price 1 USD

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ad for sale- intake lift glarie german -china( direct import from china )



Privat person / Business

Privat person

1. 400kg - 6/6/6 - Price - 17.50 laks Taka(1M/S) , SS Mirror ( Fixed Price) (MR Lift)

2. 450KG- 6/6/6- Price- 18 laks taka( 1 M/S), SS Mirror, (Fixed Price)

3. 450KG - 7/7/7- Price - 18.50 laks taka (1M/S),SS Mirror, (Fixed)

4. 450KG - 8/8/8- Price- 19 laks taka( 1M/S), SS Miror, (Fixed)

5. 450KG - 9/9/9- Price- 19.50 laks taka(1M/S), SS Mirror (Fixed)

6. 630KG- 6/6/6- Price- 18.50 laks taka(1M/S), SS Mirror( Fixed)

7. 630KG- 7/7/7- Price - 19 Laks taka(1M/S), SS Mirror( Fixed)

8. 630KG- 8/8/8- Price- 19.50 Laks Taka( 1M/S) , SS Mirror ( Fixed)

9. 630KG- 9/9/9- Price- 20 Laks Taka( 1M/S), SS Mirror (Fixed)

10. 630KG- 10/10/10- Price- 20.50 laks taka(1 M/S), SS Mirror ( Fixed)

11. 630KG-11/11/11- Price- 21 laks taka (1M/S), SS Mirror ( Fixed)

12. 630KG- 12/12/12- Price- 21.50 laks taka (1 M/S), SS mirror ( Fixed)

If you have any other requirement please contact with me bellow address.

GLARIE elevator is originated from Germany with a long history. We are Elevator Importing Company .GLARIE China manufacturing plant was put into use in 2014.

GLARIE Elevator Authorized Agent in Bangladesh Al-Ameen Elevator Technology of BD.

We provide all kinds of Passenger Elevator, Home /Residential Elevator, Escalator , Panoramic / Observation Elevator, Fright/Goods Elevator, Car/Vehicle Elevator, Bed /Hospital Elevator, Moving/Walkway Elevator directly import from our China and Germany factory.

Three Major Parts Produce in Germany - Traction Machine, Control System, Door Machine.

Our quality and service are our first priorities and we provide our clients with the minimum charges possible to import a Elevator from us. Please

Check and buy your expected Lift with your budget. if any kind of query feel free to contact me.

GLARIE Elevator video is uploaded please watch and know the GLARIE ELEVATOR.

For Setup Lift Your House , School, College,Hospital, Apartment, Hotel, any Residential and Commercial Building please feel free to contact with Bellow address and Get and setup world most beautiful elevator and Low price for intake Lift.

Contact - Al-Ameen Elevator Technology of BD , 41, Central Madartak, Bashabo,Dhaka, Cell- +8801616380480 (imo/Viber/WA/Skypee) E-Mail-

FB ID- Al-Ameen Inter Al-Ameen search the Buy a car.



Al-Ameen Inter Al-Ameen
Al-Ameen Inter Al-Ameen
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13 february 2019




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